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Sochi park. Russian Disney Land

Sochi Park - Russian Disneyland welcomes you!

Welcome to the magical world of "Sochi Park" - the first theme park, which idea is based on the rich cultural and historical heritage of Russia! The single ticket allows you to go through an incredible adventure together with your favorite characters of Russian fairy tales and to have a ride on any attraction without limitations. The adventures begin in the summer of 2014. Make a fascinating journey through the five themed areas of "Sochi Park" with your family and memorize this day forever!

"Sochi Park" consists of five areas where tales live and adventures rule. Start your journey from the entry "Gate of Fire", the main street, all saturated with the spirit of Russian fair, visit the spectacular horse show in the "Bogatyrs’ Land", make a "Quantum leap" in the most rapid and highest coaster in Russia, located in the "Land of Science and Fiction".

And then go on the wings of the fabulous "Firebird" – the most exciting free-fall attraction in Russia, situated in the "Enchanted Forest", meet the Zmey Gorynych and surprising heroes of A. S. Pushkin’s tales. If during this exciting adventure you feel a little tired – go into an oasis of peace and tranquility – to "ECO village".

The Adventures World of "Sochi Park" has twelve unique attractions of European level. The breath-taking coasters for thrill, exciting family rides, children`s rides and playgrounds for active games - in "Sochi Park" there are entertainments for both adults and children. Come to the park with whole your family, play, rest and have magical flight moments with Firebird, in space travel or go through battle with a hero by damask-steel swords – keep it in your memory for whole lifetime!

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