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  • Подробно о Formula 1 Гран-при России в Сочи

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  • Курорт по-новому. Современный отдых на побережье Черного моря

  • Головокружительный Сочи Парк

  • Уникальный Дендрарий Сочи с гидом переводчиком

  • Бронирование номеров в Жемчужине Сочи

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ResortSochi Travel Support Agency Services

  • Searching and booking travel accommodation in Sochi, Adler, Krasnaya Polyana ski resort, Lazarevskoye and Tuapse towns

    On our website there`s a list of resort hotels, health hotels and guest houses, which are ready to welcome guests from different countries all year round. Use filters to find the exact hotel you need. The owners of hotels publish photos of hotel and rooms, make some description on their page, so you can be sure that the hotel you choose is the right one. Our list of hotels includes the hotels in Sochi, Adler, Krasnaya Polyana, Lazarevskoye, Tuapse, Loo and other small districs in Big Sochi.     

    Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014

    Winter Olympic and Paralympic games in Sochi 2014 - the event which everyone has been waiting for last seven years. In this category we`ve collected useful and important information about it: where and how you can buy tickets, where you can get fan passport,  how not to lose yourself in Sochi with new transport hub system. Also you can read some tips for spectators in Sochi Olympic and Paralympic games.    

    Interpreters and Translators in Sochi

    It doesn`t matter if you are foreigner or representative of foreign company, for sure in Sochi you will meet the necessity of interpreters or translators. We cooperate with highly skilled interpreters of English, German, French, Chinese and other languages. We offer interpretation and translation service, business escort, foreign language guide service in Sochi, Adler, Krasnaya Polyana. We are ready to help you, just let us know.     

    Guide and foreign language guide for excursions in Sochi

    Excursions in Sochi - you always have something to discover: more than 100 interesting places worth to see at least once in your life, worth to visit at least twice when you are in Sochi. Sochi is full of museums, such as Nikolay Ostrovsky Museum, Sochi State Art Museum, historical places, such as Stalin`s dacha, green palm parks for rest, such as Botanic Garden "Denrary", where during last years was collected more than 2000 kinds of exotic plants or International Friendship Garden, famous for it Lemon-orange-grapefruit tree, a result of plant selection. The nature of Sochi city is also plenty of small and big waterfalls, deep caves,  fast mountain rivers. Experienced guides will prepare for your really interesting tour programme full of adventures in Olympic south capital of Russia, Sochi.

    Transfer (airport / railway / city)

    One of additional service we offer is transfer service, because when you gather with your friends or collegues, you won`t like going to your hotel or guest house by bus or by train. (Let you know, that there`s 28 km from Adler airport to Sochi downtown and in general Sochi is the longest city in Russia, it`s 145 km long), so the most comfortable way to get to place of your rest is to go there by car or minivan with air conditioner, because even in winter the temperarute in Sochi isn`t low than +5 and in summer it`s over +27.

    F1 in Sochi - unbelievable event in Russia 

    When something that hasn’t happened in a century is being brought back to life by the spirit and enthusiasm of an entire country, you know that it is going to be a sight to see. After a hundred year long absence, 2014 will mark the return of the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix and, you guessed it, it is happening in Sochi. Along with the new Olympic Park, Sochi is constructing a brand new, nearly six-kilometer long track to host the revived racing event for the next seven years. If you want to avoid the Olympic sized crowds but still love the excitement surrounding world class sporting events, this is the perfect chance for you to visit Sochi every year from 2014 through 2020. Come once, come twice, come all seven times but no matter what you do, do not miss it.


    Contact us, if you come to Sochi: +7-988-187-37-13 or email us:

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