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Sochi - where is it? What is the weather in Sochi? Who lives in Sochi?

If you decided to come to Sochi, then you have to know where it is, how to get there and 

Sochi is a resort city in Russia, which is situated on the Black Sea in Krasnodar krai. It`s the biggest resort city of Russia, which is also the main traffic and economical center of the Black Sea coast. Russians call it "Summer Capital" or "South Capital" of Russian Federation.

It`s situated in latitude 43°, and it means that it`s situated in the same latitude with Nice, Toronto, Alma-Ata, Vladovostok. Exact coordinates are 43°35′07″ northen latitude and 39°43′13″ eastern longitude. The geografical position of this city deretmines its attractions: beach of the Black Sea, mineral springs, kolkhids forests of the Western Caucasus. As for climate, it`s very warm and damp. It has influence of the sea (in summer it`s colder, in winter it`s warmer) and of the mountains (they protect this city of northern winds). In winter, which is very short, snow falls very seldom, usually it`s just raining. And if, at last, it snows, snowy weather will last no more than 5-6 days and then everything will melt away. As for summer, which lasts from April till the first days of November, it`s hot, sunny and damp. It can be +30°, but you will feel yourself comfortable, because of the winds from the Sea. We have a spring in Sochi too, but it`s very short: from March till middle of April.
  • Average temperature in February is +6,0 °C
  • Average temperature in August is +23,6 °C
  • Average humidity is 74 %
  • Black sea water temperature in summer is +28 °C
  • Annual average of sunny hours is 2154
  • Number of overcast days is 66.
The table: Climate of Sochi
Factors: absolute max, average max, average t°, average min, absolute min,  mean annual precipitation, water temperature

In general, Sochi city can be devoted into 4 districs: LazarevskyCentral, Hostinksy and Adler district. 
So, populations of the city is 368 011 in 2013. The most of it is formed in times of the USSR and then by the migration. Sochi is in the list of those cities which population rises constantly from 1980-s, because of it`s climate and resort prestige.  

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